Modern Italian Violins

VN Italian ($17,995)


Giorgio Grisales

This is a finely handcrafted Italian violin made by Giorgio Grisales, who is an internationally renowned violin maker based in Cremona, Italy. Giorgio Grisales draws his inspiration from the great Italian masters such as Ferdinando Garimberti, Giuseppe Ornati and the old “Cremonese School of Stardivari, Amati and Guarneri.” The violin is based on the Stradivari pattern and finished in a glorious orange-red oil varnish.

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VN Italian ($19,995)

Mr Trabucchi and one of his violinsThis very fine Italian violin was made by master violin maker  was made by Stefano Trabucchi in his workshop at Via Bella Rocca in the center of Cremona, Italy- the violin making capital of the world. Mr Trabucchi draws his inspiration from Stadivari, a former native of Cremona and this violin is very much based on Stradivari lines. Stefano Trabucchi is recognized as a world-class maker and his instruments are appreciated worldwide especially in the USA, Japan, Germany, and Italy.

Mr Trabucchi has also crafted several Baroque instruments again inspired by Stradivari.

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VN Italian ($22,950)


This violin, finished in wonderful golden oil varnish, is by master violin maker Maurizio Tadioli. Maurizio Tadioli was born in Cremona, and he has won much acclaim for his instruments.  

In February of 2011, an interview was published on inflight magazine of the prestigious Airline of the UAE “Etihad”.

Mr Tadioli’s instruments follow the classical models of the Cremonese school, but he also has particular interest in models of other schools like Emiliana, Torinese and Milanese. He was for some years professor of laboratory and varnishing at the International School of Violin Making in Cremona and is a member of ALI, ALI Professionals and VSA. His laboratory is located in Cortetano, a small town near Cremona, a meeting point for musicians and luthiers.

This violin is based on a 1751 Guadagnini instrument. 

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