Schumann Violin Bows

Each Schumann bow is carefully crafted to be of the highest quality possible while still being affordable – all too often, high-end bows reach into the thousands of dollars. Schumann seeks to retain that high level of quality and playability while keeping a low price point affordable by many.

Schumann Brazil Wood Student Bow



This bow is perfect for the player just starting out on violin. Very affordable, but it sure doesn’t skimp on quality!







Schumann Brazil Wood Advanced Student Bow



A great step up from the student bow; a finer counterweight ensures better response, and a more complex tonal colour.







Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Bow



The braided carbon fibre approach to building a bow makes this lighter than your average bow, while still carrying the same intensity of sound.







Schumann Braided Carbon Fibre Bow (Pernambuco finish)



Carbon fibre bows may look different to your average wooden bow, but the pernambuco finish on this bow means it carries all the tonal characteristics of a carbon fibre bow while resembling a wooden one.







Schumann Baroque Bow



A baroque bow styled after classical musical instruments. Has to be seen – and heard – to be believed.






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