Antique Bows

Bow 1808 (POI)



Pernambuco violin bow.





Bow 1812 (POI)



A German Nickel Silver Mounted Cello Bow circa 1910.





Bow 1813 (POI)



A Pernambuco nickel silver mounted cello bow.





Bow 1804 (POI)



L’Archet Violin Bow, full mounted nickel frog – CT Ribeiro





Bow 1815 (POI)



4/4 violin pernambuco bow, by Olivera.





Bow 1809 (POI)



Fine antique German bow.





Bow 1810 (POI)



A silver mounted bow of German origin.





Bow 1811 (POI)



A quality silver mounted violin bow in “Tubbs” style.





Bow 1807 (POI)



Silver mounted German bow circa 1900 – “Tourte” copy.





Bow 1803 (POI)



A gold mounted violin bow. Frog embedded with precious jewels.





Bow 1814 (POI)



A French silver mounted violin bow by Andrea Chardon.





Bow 1801 (POI)



A silver mounted viola bow by Malcolm Taylor.





Bow 1802 (POI)



A gold mounted violin bow by A.R. Bultitude.






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