After three years of intensive development, mezzo-forte is proud to present the first fully carbon violin available on the worldwide market at an affordable price. The Violin, designed and produced by us using state-of-the-art technology produces a quality of sound easily comparable to that of a wooden instrument whilst offering far greater presence, projection and ease of playing as well as being visually stunning.


Got the violin a few days ago. WOW, it sounds amazing.

I actually still have the Luis & Clark that I had been renting. I‘m going to play them both side by side and make a video, hopefully next week.

From my perspective, yours is much nicer to play. Though I‘m also quite novice, so will have my good friend who is a very accomplished player do a more thorough comparison. Her initial feedback likewise has been very positive, but we‘re both very curious to see the two side by side.

Thanks again, I am very happy!

The advantages of a Carbon Violin:

  • Not affected by changes in the weather, such as temperature, moisture or humidity
  • Strength and stability
  • Visual appearance is stunning
  • A full and pleasant sount

The body of the violin is hand crafted using carbon-fiber matting made in Germany. The interior of the instrument is similar to that of a traditional wooden instrument ; only the cornices are excluded – for two reasons :

  • A conscious decision was made to create a modern slim design, whilst maintaining the form of a traditional instrument.
  • The cornices of a wooden instrument serve to aid in the construction, providing support and enabling the front, sides and bottom to be fixed firmly together. These cornices can dampen the sound, and are not required when using carbon-fiber.

The sound post, bridge, pegs, chin-rest and tail piece are all similar to that of a traditional instrument. The f-holes are designed in a contemporary style.


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