String Sets




Pirastro Passione strings are the best when it comes to gut string technology! These strings produce an all-rounded and powerful sound without many of the issues with tuning/longevity etc commonly found with gut strings.





Evah Pirazzi



Exceptional, brilliant sound with a wide dynamic range and suitable for any solo performer. Stable and warm sound, even at full power. These strings respond quickly to the bow, and have an impressive dynamic range.








These handmade strings feature a synthetic fibre core with the highest quality winding materials. Extremely dependable, very high degree of modulation, large soloistic and powerful tone volume, warm sound, brilliant, clear and focused.








Pirastro Tonica strings feature a unique synthetic core that is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity, with flexible single filaments and high quality winding materials.





D’Addario Prelude



Prelude strings are multi-stranded steel core strings that produce a warm tone quality with good bow response. The special core design and reduced tension makes for strings that are very easy to play, especially for younger, developing players. Ideal for use in educational environments, Prelude strings maintain a clear, warm sound that blends well across the ensemble.





VIF Strings



VIF synthetic core strings are high quality strings with many of the characteristics of European-made strings. These strings are highly durable, and produce a warm, rounded tone. For many people in the violin trade, VIF strings are long overdue, as they offer European quality performance at a very reasonable price. They are suited for any range of instruments, from hire to professional level. Also, schools and institutions constantly looking for value for money are closely looking at VIF strings as a standard string supply.





Rostanvo Cello Strings



Revolutionary handcrafted strings for cello. Exceptional clarity, responsiveness, volume and intonation reliability ensure that every cello can achieve its potential.






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